Welcome to Al-Khair Education Foundation

AL-KHAIR is not simply the name of an institution but it is also the mission of scholarly thought working behind the AL-KHAIR EDUCATION FOUNDATION. The foundation came into existence on May 02, 1994 and based on Ahl-sunnah –wal jamat beliefs.

AL-KHAIR EDUCATION FOUNDATION was established to imbibe our new generation with the correct notion of their belief and educate them with the knowledge of different trades at the same time. The design and determination of this institution is to produce orators, constructive critics, preachers, scholars, patriotic and honest citizens.

By the Grace of Allah, AL-KHAIR EDUCATION FOUNDATION has the distinction of being the first to introduce a new method of imparting religious knowledge with modern education simultaneously. The students of AL-KHAIR EDUCATION FOUNDATION do not only memorize the Holy Qur’an but at the same time they are acquiring Islamic and modern education.