1. Children should not arrive before 07:30 am and must leave when the classes are ended (Home time). No responsibility can be taken for children arriving before 07:30 am.
  2. Teachers have many teaching duties out of school hours and must be free to pursue these. Teachers are normally in their classrooms by 08:00 am. They are on duty after school hours to supervise children. However, we cannot be held responsible for children left after 04:30 pm
  3. Parents are required to inculcate the habit of punctuality among the children. If your child is late or absent for one or more days, they should submit a note of excuse on the day of absence or the following day.
  4. Parents ought to check their children whether their hair and nails are properly cut. Girls students are strictly forbidden to wear any kind of ornaments. Mobile Phone, watch and anything which is not related to the educational environment is strictly prohibited in school premises. Students violating the aforementioned instruction will not be allowed to attend their classes under any circumstances.
  5. Students will not be allowed to buy edibles from vendors.
  6. Any damage to the premises of the school or its equipment’s or property, have to be compensated by the parents/guardians/student.
  7. Parents are required to check their children’s homework and class work with the spirit of their entire responsibility on a daily basis from the very beginning. Homework diaries must be signed by parents regularly.
  8. Parents must attend all parent-teacher meetings to discuss their children progress reports.
  9. Any change in residential address or telephone number should be reported to the school. This information is necessary to maintain up-to-date school records.
  10. Bullying and any use of bad or vulgar and anti-social behavior language will not be tolerated.
  11. If a child misbehaves with his / her teacher shall be suspended for a week. These parents will be informed verbally or in black and white circulars.
  12.  In some instances, the teacher may discipline a child as and when it is felt appropriate this may be in the form of making the student stand (for a short while), detention or any other constructive punishment.
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