Al-Khair Education Foundation is an ideal institution where the students are enriched with modern Education as well as with religious values and norms. So that the Muslim children would become a perfect and practicing Muslim along with Modern and Vocational education. Worldly knowledge ensures skills and competencies to get success, but religious education is the source of peace and a great satisfaction of one’s soul.

Indeed western culture and education are rapidly integrated in our society, but we must understand that our own religious education is the only mean of moral and spiritual development. Our system keeps balance in both systems of education.

I do believe, that education is not only the mean of mental development but it is the wholesome development of a child’s personality, like physical, social, moral, emotional and intellectual. It has been the prime aim of this institution to produce competent and skilled citizens who play their role effectively in the enhancement of the society.

It’s my aim to educate the children who depict the live model of ethics and incorporate their traits in the new generation which had been the aspiration and teachings of earlier Muslim religious scholars.


Mufti Muhammad Ataullah
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